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A small spot to describe to a certain extent what it is like for the soldiers here in Iraq. I must remain anonymous as there may be some who would view this as an "official" posting, however, it is not. Just some personal views on the politics and public views in this war that has been to oftentimes tainted by the sensationalism of the media.

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I enjoy my job to the fullest, regardless of the political climate at any particular time. My family and my soldiers are the central focal point of my existence as well as my religious viewpoints.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

13 October 2004 (Post 3)

Last post of the day, and I will let you get on your way. I met with my friend a little while ago. He is leaving with his family soon to hopefully get them away from here. I will sorely miss them though. I will miss the little girl's smile and watching her face light up whenever we see them. I will miss the conversations that we had and the little visits. The little girl was worried that I would forget her. I told her that she is not in my mind, but in my heart and the heart never forgets. God bless them all and speed them away from this place of destitution and destruction. Keep them safe so that they may live and grow up in a place of freedom, peace and safety. They will be missed, but I look forward to the day when I can see them all again.


Blogger Flyingjavelina said...

Jay I have read you comments for two days now and am very impressed. I am a Vietnam veteran and can empathize with you. War has an ability to focus on moral clarity. The need for all peoples to live free and without fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones is a strong motivating factor for our nation to be involved in this endeavor. I remember even 36 years later the children of Vietnam. This can be hard to think about because I know many did not survive after our bail out. I pray to God we do not do the same to the people of Iraq. The press is so negative in their reporting. I have seen it before. Tet was a military victory yet we lost it in the press. The liberal media is worse today. I read your blog and have read e mails from Bagdahd for a year and the reports are real. Both military and civilians see the need for a stabalized and free Iraq. Why can't the press see it? God Bless You and Keep You. Flyingjavelina.

6:16 PM  
Blogger adoptaplatoon_mom said...

Sending prayers their way, and your way, too. You are really making a difference over there, one person (or family) at a time. :)

8:56 PM  
Blogger Kathleen A said...

Jay - the story you write about that family and their child is very touching to me. I think it speaks volumes of the good work you are all doing there. I have been lucky enough to see the smiles of the children through pictures the soldiers I adopt send me. And the parents always have the most genuine look in their eyes - and joy on their face. Imagine being told for 35 years about 'evil Americans' and then realizing it was all a big, ugly lie? Well - thanks to you they are learning firsthand that we aren't all evil and bad. And your impact upon that family will be felt forever. I hope they come to America and one day return to a stable Iraq. Thanks for protecting our freedom and securing Iraq's.

10:07 PM  
Blogger OSAPian said...

Jay, your posts are informative and inspiring. I'm sure you know by know that your blog is linked on some very well visited web sites. Keep up the good work!

10:47 PM  
Blogger Trinity Tim said...


Like many others, I just found your site. I loved reading your posts. They took me back about 35 years to a time and a place even farther away that Iraq. I can tell you that the evil you see will dull with time, but the good you do will stay with you forever. Thanks for all that you and your soldiers are doing. God bless you, your soldiers, your friends, and your family. You will all be in my prayers.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for all you and your soldiers do for us and our families. Your a God-Send to be so open and honest about the things that are going on in Iraq. However, your always telling about you, how about your family back home. How are they doing and coping with this seperation? Keep up the good work and your in our prayers always

Peggy Hart

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the sacrifices that you and your troops are doing in order to bring about a democratic Iraq. I found your blog by way of another and agree that your blogging has much merit.I enjoy your views.Hope that the Kerry problem in PA is not true, likewise on the shreading of registrations.Military Police have a function. Iraqi children will hopefully be a source of strength for Iraqs freedom.Becarful of too much Burger King(look where it got Clinton)!I reaaly never thought about the fact that there has not been a female soldier killed, now I wonder what our great Congress whould have to say if there ever is a death!! The only question I have about this conflict in Iraq is why is it that with the military strength of the US we didn't use it full potential to end this conflict sooner. Granted the collatereal damage would have been staggering, but isn't that what war is about? Oh well, guess I will never get an answer.Once again thanks for what ya do and watch your back...Will;Utica,NY

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay, I am very moved by your posts. You seem like a compassionate and caring person. I'm glad there are people like you over there to represent us. :)
Your story about the family really touched me.
Forgive me if this sounds ignorant,but I thought the whole point of us being there was to make for them a place of freedom, peace and safety. Is it going to happen?
Thank you for sharing your experiences there. It's refreshing to read something other than what the government chooses to tell us, what the media chooses to print, or what the politicians are arguing over.
A friend linked here from her website. I'll have to thank her.
God be with you!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Karridine said...

Jay, please check out my offer for GIs and their Families. I am in full support of Allied efforts in Iraq, and I'm in support of Boots on the Ground.

I'm offering to record family's songs for their GI or GI's songs, for their family. I'll send the CDs where they tell me.

I'm not asking for your buy in, other than posting a link on your weblog, please.

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8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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