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A small spot to describe to a certain extent what it is like for the soldiers here in Iraq. I must remain anonymous as there may be some who would view this as an "official" posting, however, it is not. Just some personal views on the politics and public views in this war that has been to oftentimes tainted by the sensationalism of the media.

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I enjoy my job to the fullest, regardless of the political climate at any particular time. My family and my soldiers are the central focal point of my existence as well as my religious viewpoints.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

3 October 2004

Nothing much today. Just a little bit of news for you to represent the attitude of some of the Iraqi people. We were told by one of the locals that if we were to catch Zarqawi, the one responsible for all of the beheadings, that we should bring him to him so that he could see him, for he feels that Zarqawi is a figment of the American imagination or that he is not in Iraq. Al Jazeera strikes again.

With Mount Saint Helens preparing to blow its top again, it is almost an ominous sign of what is going on here. Things are getting ready to explode here, the closer and closer we get to the elections. We can only hope that things get better, but I expect that they will not.


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